Short term car insurance - it's day has arrived!

As there are a number of people who require temporary vehicle insurance from time to time, it stands to reason that sites such as will come in quite handy. This platform is designed to offer all visitors visitors an accurate quotation after filling in such variables as their postcode, their age, the number of days required and the desired amount of excess. Once these are entered and the policy is purchased, documents are sent to the email address that was provided with the other details. Let us take a quick look at the site itself.


The appearance of this site is very clean. There are no pop-up advertisements or blind links. All information is presented in a very concise manner directly upon the homepage; easily allowing anyone to appreciate how the system functions. Not only is this beneficial from an aesthetic point of view, but it lends authority to the service provided.


All details are made clear from the onset. These include why temporary insurance may be necessary, what information is required, how the documentation is sent and the payment methods which are offered to the customer. There is also a handy navigation bar at the bottom of the main page that addresses other categories such as legal issues, qualification criteria and any restrictions that may be present. Overall, this is very helpful for those who may have reservations before committing to this online product.


One of the most important (and necessary) details immediately displayed is the fact that this company is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The relevant number is likewise presented for those who wish to perform further research.

Room for Improvement?

While the layout of the homepage is clean, it may indeed be a bit overly simplified. This can lend an "amateur" feel to the site itself. One notable area that seems to be lacking is any type of contractual guarantee between the customer and the provider. Although this may be implied within the terms and conditions, the lack of a stated guarantee that is visible could lead some to doubt the veracity of the stated claims.

Still, this website is designed quite well and all of the information is provided in an up-front manner. Notwithstanding a few minor changes, appears to deliver what it claims within the body of the text.

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